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Friday, October 22, 2010

Garbage Bag Witch

Yesterday I had Lasik surgery, so I am laying low yet today.  Meanwhile, here's a re-post from last year.  I had fun making this smart gal.  Maybe you'll be tempted after your own leaf-raking this weekend......

Last week my husband raked leaves and mowed the lawn for the final time this year. He bagged the clippings and prepared them for the next garbage pick-up. I walked by the bags as I took my daughter to the bus stop, and when I met her upon arrival home from school. I walked by the bags on my way to and from the mailbox. Something tugged at me each time. As if a spell had come over me, I felt compelled to create! I'm sure the possibilities are endless, but here's what transpired.

Boring bag of clippings/leaves

Roll of white paper and double-wide construction paper

Introducing Ms. Witch!

I didn't use any patterns...just drew on the construction paper freehand. And everything you see is from construction paper except the witch's hat that I got on clearance two years ago for $.19.


The Girl Creative

Texas Monkey


504 Main


Anonymous said...

I just had catract surgery with
corrective lens implant.
After 50 years yes 50 years
of wearing glasses.
I can now see!! I have 20 20 vision
in both eyes.

NE Ohio

Holly said...

I hope you are doing well..I want o hear all about the lasik. I want that so bad...glasses since I was 7! UGH!

Your witch tickles me pink...I LOVE it!

~Aint Nothin But A Thang~ said...

let me know how your surgery went, ive been wanting it for years! i must say it is so amazing to me that alot i have read states that us fibromyalgia people are ~type a` personalities, we are talented and creative (which you are), we are not lazy people and we work and craete until we just cant! seems i always see where someone has made something like this etc... i am the same way! it only makes us look worse......how can we be sick and hurting if we are so talented....guess you have to find humor somewhere in this miserable disease-syndrome!! hope your feeling better and the winter isnt too hard on you!

Alison said...

Hi, love the colors of your blog. I found the Rondald McDonald badge and put it on mine. love that and is really close to my family. Thank You. Hope you are well.

PEACHES said...

That is TOO CUTE!
I only wish I had seen it before Halloween...shucks! Next year :)

Michele said...

that bag of leaves is hilarious! I am impressed!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Very cute!
I was just about to sign off for the night and recieved your sweet note. I hope you get your white kitchen!

Jenn Erickson said...

Funny, you mentioned that a mini-donut pan was on your Christmas list, and Lasik is right on top of mine! How's your vision and your eyes since having the surgery back in October? Would you recommend it? Wishing you a very happy holiday season, Jenn


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