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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Did You Do? Wednesdays - Keep Up The Fight

I have been struggling with some health problems for quite a long time. Doctors upon doctors, specialists upon specialist have shuffled me off to one another, none of them ever getting to the root of it. I have literally spent years and years of my life researching, trying to find any answers that would lead me to the right person for the proper help.

I'd feel hopeless at times, but my mom would remind me, "There's an answer out there, we just have to find it." So I kept fighting.

Today I had appointments with a specialist and a doctor/surgeon who uttered these words. "We can help you. You're in the right place." I wept with relief, gratitude and hope that their responses will serve true.

What's your fight? We all have one. It may not be health related, but there's something you'd fight for.....a cause, a person, a better life.

May we all be victorious in the end.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Everyone has a story.

How blessed I am that you commented because I now know you.

Never give up believing that you WILL be well.

Be blessed dear one.

Holly said...

Keep looking...I know it must be hard to keep going when something is wrong and you cannot find any answers.

~Aint Nothin But A Thang~ said...

As far as FM it is so very hard at times to deal with! For me the summer is better! This last year has been my worst yet. Now that its warming up an Im able 2get out alittle.... Im slowly feeling better. Good luck and keep searching till you find the DR who knows AND believe in FM! Some dont believe its an actual illness....so frustrating! I have been blessed all my Drs have had some type of knowledge so they have been able to help me! Dont give up.


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