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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scaredy Frog

It is VERY humid here.  It's the kind of humidity that feels like you walked into a steam room when you step outdoors.  Wanting to stay inside, we took a trip to the library in the morning.  Then it was on to the mall this afternoon for the Tuesday craft at the toy store.

We were in there awhile when M. (almost 3) was suddenly extremely frightened and crying for me (I knew where she was, but she didn't see me) like a mad woman.  She was terrified, yelling "Mommy" and physically shaking.  I hurried over to her, calling her name so she'd see me behind her.  She RAN to me, clung to my legs, stomped her feet with her arms up like I HAD to pick her up or the most evil monster in the universe might rip her apart.

"FIGTHER!! FIGHTER!!"  She screamed and stuffed her face in my neck like she just wanted to disappear into me.  "Where's there a spider?" I asked her.  "It was probably just a toy.  Do you want to show me?"  "NOOO!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!"  More sobbing, more shaking and more pointing to the entrance.

It didn't me more than a beat or two to figure it out.  Ooooohhh, there were these little African dwarf frogs in clear containers for sale.  Not wanting to traumatize my bug....and now frog phobic babe any further, we exited the store quickly.

Aren't people's personalities, likes, dislikes, talents, idiosyncrasies, interests and fears just so interesting??  This is the child who, just the other day, I found perched on the top of the couch preparing to leap onto the cushions with her own little dare devil froggy jump.  This is the child who, even when I raised my voiced to tell her "no", eyed me up and jumped anyway.

Hopefully, in the future, she'll find her prince right away and won't have to kiss any frogs!

Photo acknowledgment:  www.sodahead.com

1 comment:

Kim said...

She would have had a nuclear melt down at our library yesterday. The Critter Creature was there with toads, frogs and the biggest stinking bulllfrogs I have ever seen! He did a great job educating the kids and proceded to place the frogs on his bald head and on his nose. C thought this was one of THE funniest things he has ever seen.


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