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Monday, August 9, 2010

Citrus Pasta with Ham and Shrimp

I haven't posted a recipe in awhile, so here's a very simple dish for a busy August night.

Citrus Pasta with Ham and Shrimp

(Keep in mind I don't measure....you don't need to either. You know how you'd like it to taste. Just flavor accordingly.)

Deveined shrimp
Ham pieces
Halved grape or cherry tomatoes
3 small zucchini
Linguine or any sort of pasta
Olive Oil (1-2 Tbs)
Butter (1 Tbs)
Sea Salt
Ground Pepper
White Wine
Lemon Juice (1-2 Tbs)
Lime Juice (1 Tbs)
Parsley (1 Tbs)

Saute zucchini, shrimp and ham pieces in olive oil, butter, and remaining ingredients. After a couple of minutes, add tomatoes until fully heated.

Add to cooked and drained pasta.

Shred parmigiano reggiano on top of each serving.


Kim said...

OK, I am going to be a smart ass here. Did someone give you a canned ham for your birthday? Because if they did, they stole my idea!

Love you!

Sena Fontane said...

What on earth are you trying to do to a pregnant woman with this? lol

I'm off to raid the fridge.x

Kim said...

Hi there! I am making your 500 degree pork tenderloin today. It smells so wonderful!

Thanks for posting the recipes Julie.


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