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Friday, April 23, 2010

Puffy Flowers On-A-Stick Tutorial

So you've got your trusty "on-a-stick" standbys, right?  You've got your various meats on-a-stick like corn dogs and kabobs complete with veggies and fruit.  There's spun sugar on-a-stick (come on, let's give it up for my beloved Cotton Candy).  Surely any county fair across the good ol' USofA is bound to offer a whole host of disgusting, heart clogging "on-a-stick" varieties, but enter the Puffy Flowers on-a-Stick.  Fat free, calorie free, cholesterol free.  And considering the supplies, almost cost free.

It's a "WYSWYG" tutorial. You know, "what you see is what you get." Here we go!

Supplies: fabric, template/shape to trace around (or freehand cuts the mustard too), pen, 3/16 dowel, fiberfill, scissors/pinking shears

Jo-Ann's has a large selection of dowels, but any hardware store should as well. You can see the diameter and length of the ones I bought. For the vases I had, it worked perfectly to just saw them in half, but you'll be able to gauge what height will look best in your creation.

Trace around your template/shape. I added an extra inch all the way around just by eyeballing it.

Cut out 2 shapes for each flower (front and back).  I used a pinking shears to give it a little more character.

Place 2 pieces, wrong sides together and simply sew around the petals leaving about a 1/4" seam.  I used a sewing machine, but you could certainly do a running stitch by hand.  Leave a 1" hole in between 2 petals for stuffing.

Push fiberfill into each formed flower, using the dowel to distribute it into each petal.

Saw dowel to desired length and place it far enough in to establish stability.

You can hand sew this open part closed, but I actually didn't. The type and print of fabric I used was very forgiving.

You're done!

These are so fast and simple that I whipped them up Easter a.m. before company came. Thus, the Mod Podged (with pages from a book) eggs in the vases.

I got the set of vases for $8 at our Hospice Thrift Store, and the filler is a brown paper bag I ran through the shredder.

It would also look cute with double-sided scrapbook paper shredded in the vases, painted ping pong balls on top and colorful spring fabric flowers, don't you think?

Party on!!

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Sarah @ OneStarryNight said...

You are so creative! I have no idea how to sew or using a sewing machine. I would LOVE to learn one of these days.

Awesome tutorial!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest too!

Crystal & Co said...

Look at those adorable flowers! Love them. So crafty.

Thank you so much for swinging by and checking out my Buttoned Up giveaway! Their org tools are so amazing! Best of luck and hope to see you back soon over at Crystal & Co!


Not Just A Mommy! said...

Love it, love it! Do you think I could do it with glue instead of stitching? :) I don't sew. I would love to share for my Tuesday Tutorials.

Susan said...

Over from Under the table and dreaming.... Cute idea! Love the look of all four lined up together.

Laura said...

These are adorable. I love the fabric you chose!

Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day @ along for the ride! Hope to see you back next week! I've also added your button my blog roll!

Liz said...

Ooooohhh!!!! LOVE them!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Alison said...

How cute are those!!! I love how puffy and happy they are. Great idea... thanks for sharing!


Stephanie Lynn said...

Super cute! Love the black and white checks! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Holly said...

I love cotton candy, but am very partial to non-caloric things on a stick...Super cute! I just realized I was not following you! I am now.

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day (last week)!
504 Main

LuckyStarErin said...

These are so cute! I am a sucker for black and white gingham!

Sena said...

I'm loving these! Although I have to say if I tried to make these it really would not turn out the same!! You've got a gorgeous blog!

Holly Renee said...

What's cool about these is that you can do any fabric/color to match whatever room you want. The tutorial was very well laid out. Thanks!

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

These are so darling! what a cute idea. I'm afraid I'd have to use fusible web tho. My poor sewing machine hasn't even been threaded in years!

Kaysi said...

Those are super cute!!!

redchuckstress said...

These are cute! Be cute in my nieces room!


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