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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WDYD? Wednesday - Flashback Cereal

I don't recall eating a lot of sugary cereals when I was a kid.  I think we had Apple Jacks once in awhile, maybe Honeycomb on rare occasion, and possibly Tony the Tiger showed up with his Frosted Flakes a time or two.  Sure, I've consumed my share of the sugared junk on my own while I posing as an adult.  But now it's been many years since I've purchased anything like that, and it's rare I even purchase a cereal marketed by a big, national brand.  However, this does not mean that I don't love sugar.  Au contraire, mon frere!!  It is quite the opposite. I Love Sugar!!  LOVE.  SUGAR.  Too much.  So much so that when I was forced to do an elimination diet last summer to discover if I had food allergies, I realized how addicted to it I actually was.  Detox is not fun.

Fast forward to having put the kibosh on massive over indulgence of the sweet stuff.  Now I try to stick with just dark chocolate, and eliminate, avoid, limit my intake of straight up, nutritionally empty sugar products.  But.....But.....once in awhile I cave.  Come on ~ cotton candy?!  Cotton Candy, people!  Sugar and food dye on a stick.  My GOSH I love that stuff.  However, the more I learn about the harm too much sugar can do, the more hesitant I am to consume it (never mind the red #40 and blue #1 ~ how awful).  I do allow myself cotton candy once a year.

I think my favorite sugared cereals were ones that also incorporated chocolate.  How I'd dig and dig through a box of Count Chocula to devour those marshmallow bats (let us again acknowledge red #40, yellows #5&6, blue #1).  My dear roommate warned me during my entire search mission of the disappointment I'd experience when they were all gone.  Didn't listen ~ slow learner I guess, but I was driven.  Drat!  Must have bat!  The cereal alone was certainly no great shakes.

**Note that the box itself even beckons a taste of their "Spooky-Fun Marshmallows."  How was I to resist? 

Remember the chocolate milk you'd end up with at the bottom of your cereal bowl thanks to the chocolaty, sugary goodness flowing over the abnormally chiseled nuggets of hardened corn?  So good and gross all at once, it gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it.

I also loved Coca Krispies, but feeling the same way about all products vastly processed and of no redeeming value, these things just aren't part of my life anymore.  This is where I'd like to introduce you to EnviroKidz Organic cereal.  I broke down and purchased a box of the Koala Crisp, and it curbs the chocolate cereal fix, that's for sure!  It's a nice option for gluten free diets, and I like the fact that it has no preservatives or additives.  I've formed a new relationship with brown rice flour in my baking, and this is also the first ingredient in the cereal.
So as it stands, this week my WDYD? Wednesday consisted of treating myself to a taste of childhood.  I have selfishly hidden this cereal from the girls and plan to keep it all for myself.  It is with my bowl of chocolaty rice puffs and a mound of freshly sliced strawberries on top, I shall yearn no longer for both a sugar fix and a healthy dose of childhood memories.


Holly said...

It was a big treat to buy Cocoa Pebbles...my favorite thing to do was watch the Flinstone's and eat them. I'll have to try the Koala Crisp.

Kim said...

Too funny! Did you have a canned ham for lunch too?

We would have Captain Crunch. It ripped up the inside of your mouth. The kids love "vacation" cereal! We call sugared cereal vacation cereal because they pick out one box each of sugar cereal when we are on vacation for 2 weeks. They plan and plot and both agree on the 2 boxes to make the most out of the sugar cereal experience.


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