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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Hardly Knew Ye

Hanna Andersson Clog Boots

.....or as I refer to them (produced with low guttural sounds), "OOoooooohhhhhhh!!!" Look at these boots, people. Look At These Boots! If you have known me for any length of time you all knooooow that these boots were just meant to be on my feet. It was love at first sight. I began composing my letter to Santa, & then something horrible happened. In tiny print, & in parenthesis after the description in the catalog, I saw the disturbing words "(girls only)". WHAT?? What kind of injustice is this? Doesn't Hanna want to indulge a 39-year old with these lush suede, embroidered beauties? I take offense. She's all but telling me that I would look foolishly inappropriate sporting a calf-high entity of Bright Blossom kickers. To this I reply, I DON'T CARE! I will own these boots! My devised solution: Surely the largest girls' size will fit me. I've managed it before. Moments later I had Hanna Andersson's customer service on the line. Questions were asked, deliberation was made regarding sizing, & finally came the stinging phrase, "Sold Out." Utilizing those low guttural sounds one more time, I let out a defeated, "Nooooooooo!" After seconds of pause for a brief mourning, I moved on. Fine. I'd settle for these......Hanna Andersson Animal Clogs

come in a women's size. Apparently Hanna thinks it's admissible for the adult sector of the female popular to sport these. Again, fine. And again, SOLD OUT. Hanna, Hanna, Hanna....you teased me with your handcrafted cacheta wood footwear & then denied me the sheer enjoyment. I'll bet they were really uncomfortable anyway.

Well, I could maaaaybe consider these.....before they're sold out, of course.
Hanna Andersson Clog Boots

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