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Friday, November 13, 2009

Shark Attack

I am in withdrawals. Have you seen the tv show Shark Tank on ABC? Have you watched it on & off while washing the dishes at night? Had you, then, found yourself trying to catch it while it was on at its regularly scheduled time? Did you move on to being so disappointed when you had to shut it off early because you had to put your children to bed? Were you, finally, so sad when they moved it to an earlier time slot & you couldn't see it at all?? Did it occur to you that you could watch it on the internet?! Did you work like crazy to get your nighttime chores done so you could sneak in an episode before it was way past your bedtime?? Were you instantly HOOKED like a madman because you loved, loved, loved the entrepreneurial ideas & incredible opportunities that could lie ahead for each contender??? Oh, p e o p l e, I did. I soooooo did!!!

The show started this past summer & ended, to my extreme disappointment, on October 20th. Withdrawals, I tell you. Bad withdrawals. I have been an admirer of Barbara Corcoran since I began seeing her real estate segments on The Today Show. Her books are on my reading list. She just plain rocks; that's all I have to say about her. My other favorite is Robert. Isn't he a cutie? Of course, you need the other three dudes (especially jerky Kevin O'Leary) just to even things out.

Until the next new episode, I am undoubtedly UNDER ATTACK!


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