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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tragic Incident

Yesterday I was forced to consider a situation that, never in my life, had I ever expected to have to encounter. We got a call from one of my 1st grader's teachers regarding a boy in her class who was injured with a gun in a domestic dispute. The call was to inform us that they would have a counselor in their classroom right away Monday morning to tell the children why the little boy would be out of school for a while. When the full news report was finally released tonight, we learned that the father, who was already a convicted felon, shot his girlfriend several times & his 8-year daughter in the back of the skull & his 7-year old son in the face when they tried to come to their mother's rescue. This happened at 6:00am when the man was drunk.

My daughter doesn't, and will hopefully never know or understand the full incident. When we told her someone in her class was hurt but will probably be alright, she thought someone fell off his or her swing set. I agree that is the innocence level I would like to personally have, but as I am learning, there are some very horrible situations & conditions in which people live, and sometimes, allow themselves to live. This isn't anything I can even fathom. Shot. With a gun. At the ages of 7 & 8. And so, sadly, their personal adult lives will most likely follow suit. I also can't bear the thought of my own children, with whom I began their own lives in the womb with the most pristine care, can only be sheltered to a certain extent from all that is evil in this world. It breaks my heart.

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