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Monday, February 1, 2010

5-Year Planner

I am slightly offended by the amount of time into the future that dentists, and now hairdressers seem to want to book their appointments. No, I can't say that Tuesday, August 3rd at 8:30am will be free for me. My GOSH! That's 6-months from now. Maybe it's just the ever-changing stages, schedules, and lives that kids have that make parents' schedules tough to anticipate.

There are, however, things in the semi-distant future that I do have to plan for. For example, I didn't want to forget to tour preschools for M. for next fall at the proper time. We'll be having a garage sale some weekend during the spring, but I don't know exactly when. And, at some point I'd like to have Lasik surgery. So, you can see that there are certain things that I want to have on the radar screen, but can't quite commit to a particular date on the calendar yet. I got sick of attempting to move the many sticky notes around on my schedule, so I asked Ty for some help. I gave him the general idea, and my standard request of "make it pretty". This is what he devised for me. Thanks to my in-house computer guy yet again!

Feel free to use this Excel template for your own personal use, but if you blog about it, please link back to me, ok? You will be able to alter the size of the columns and rows according to your needs. Right now we have December in its own column because things tend to be so busy around the holidays. I was also using December's column for keeping track of gift ideas & purchases. If you'd like a spreadsheet for just gift-giving and birthday lists, let me know & we can probably help you out.

Now look at you, all prepared and stuff! :o)

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Love it! Great idea - my husband thinks in terms of Excel spreadsheets when we talk calendars so this will be a great template for us.


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