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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One, Tooth, Three

Remember my daughter's "magical teeth"? Well, today was a magical dentist appointment and magical co-pay to have the baby teeth extracted, or, as Dr. Dentist calls it, "wiggled out". Sounds innocent enough, right? I'm glad I was the only one who knew what it was really going to involve. A. didn't have a clue in the world. But hooray for the advancements in dental care!

I had 4 permanent teeth (no, they weren't even my wisdom teeth) pulled in order to fit them all in my head before I had braces put on 1981. (Yes, I have a lot of big chompers in a big mouth. People have always commented on my teeth.....even my dentist. So far, though, I haven't made any toothpaste commercials. Although that's not a bad New Year's Resolution......). I remember my kind, old dentist coming at me with a needle the size of football goal post, and that was that.

A., on the other hand, got sunglasses, her choice of movie to stare at with a screen directly above her, bubblegum flavored laughing gas, and not even a peek at the football goal post....I mean "sleepy water" Dr. Novocain shot into her gums ~ 4 times, I might add. Either way, she was braver than I. I kept a fake smile plastered to my face & comforted her when she needed it, which, to my complete surprise, she didn't really. I was the one trying to maintain an upright position while that double tooth was yanked, pulled and twisted out. What a crazy root from hell. Ugh. It had to feel better with that out!

It ended up being quite a painless experience. I'm so thankful for a wonderful dentist who made the whole ordeal just a one, "tooth", three removal. The worst part for A. was the gauze she needed to bite down on (which only lasted until we got to the van), and the taste of the blood. Once I clued her in that she could swallow instead of wondering what to do with all the gunk coming out of her mouth, she was fine. As a matter of fact, she bounced back with such
unaffectedness, that her only question or comment about the whole experience was on the car ride home. "Can I still talk?" Yes, Miss Chatterbox, yak away.

Still in tact.

The bruise that continued up to the side of her mouth and looked pretty bad for a few days afterward.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks awful. My poor big, brave Gr.girl. Good thing she's young & innocent. Some day she'll look at the pix & think "awful" too.


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