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Monday, December 7, 2009

Paper Glitter Winner

I have discovered a whole new area of blogging....giveaways. Oh yes...free stuff. It seems as bloggers become popular, they use giveaways to promote their site & readership. I can't wait for the day I can give something away! No, it can't be the kitchy shelf-sitter that your great aunt gave you for Easter. It has to be something you make or design.

I have only signed up for 2 so far, but check this out.....I was a winner on my second try. You must visit Paper Glitter and check out her darling designs. I am in awe over her job as a toy designer. I mean, how cool is that? And she designs for mass market lines that we folks with girls surely have in our homes. The ultimate for me is Hello Kitty. She, too, has been a fan for over 3 decades. But then to end up designing for Sanrio. OH! And the other neat thing is her web site where you'll find a variety of free printables that you and your girls will love. Also, check out her Etsy store for a variety of cute and very inexpensive designs.

So, thank you, Linnette, for your sharing your creativeness with us! A. and I had a great time choosing our selection, and she was also thrilled to find your latest offering printed out for her this morning.

1 comment:

PaperGlitter said...

Awwwww---thanks for the feature Julie! I hope you will print the printables and make something with your beautiful kids someday :)

Great blog by the way!



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