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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Super Simple Suppers

I have been on a bit of a non-cooking/just throwing something together kick. Here's what we ate the last 2 nights:

Mexican roasted potatoes:
Potatoes, quartered, microwaved until mostly soft (to speed things along) and then roasted.
Pinto beans, black olives, green peppers, corn & McCormick's Taco Seasoning (I used half of a packet). Heat in pan, spoon on top of potatoes & sprinkle shredded cheese. Add sour cream if desired.

We also had avocado on the side, but a green salad with tomato would have worked.

Mexican Roasted Potatoes

Cilantro & Thyme Flatbread sandwiches: (This was a really good one!)
Flatbread (I just happened to get some at Super Target with the cilantro & thyme, which gave me the idea)
Pieces of pork loin (which I had in the freezer & ready to go)
A couple of slices of Hormel Natural Baked Ham
Swiss cheese
Provolone cheese
Hearty spicy brown mustard, yellow mustard, Smart Balance Omega Plus mayo (a blob, squirt or dollop of each one). Mix together along with ground pepper, cilantro and thyme.

Top flatbread with mustard dressing, slices of both provolone and swiss cheeses, pork loin pieces and ham. Heat in oven until warm & bread is toasty.

Brussel Sprouts:
(really, they were yummy)
Heat frozen brussel sprouts in microwave until mostly thawed, transfer to frying pan with olive oil, ground pepper, sea salt & just a bit of the sandwich mustard sauce. Coat & heat. Be oh-so healthy!

Cilanto & Thyme Flatbread Sandwiches

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