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Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby New Year

Welcoming 2010, we present our walnut babies!

We don't even need our diapers changed.

Start by cracking whole walnuts & removing the nutmeats. (I love that word, don't you? It's funny, and I'm going to say it again....nutmeats.)
I don't have a nutcracker, so I set the walnut on a cutting board and covered it with a paper towel, which gave me something to grip. Then I tapped it along its seam with the flat side of a meat cleaver.

Squeeze glue in bottom of shell & press in half of a jumbo cotton ball so it is a bit "poofier" than the shell itself.

2-year olds can help glue.

Add a strip of glue around the inside, turn upside down and push onto the wrong side of the fabric, which will service as the baby's blanket.
Cut around walnut to remove excess fabric once glue is dry.

Use your choice of a wooden bead for the head. I used the variety with the hole in them, which made it easy to affix the hair.
Using permanent markers, draw faces on the beads. My 6-year old loved this job.

Gather yarn, pipe cleaner, curling ribbon, or whatever you choose to use for the babies' hair, wrap it around the tip of a toothpick, add a dab of glue & push it through the hole.

Embellish their blankets, binding, hair, etc. as you please.

Goo-Goo, Ga-Ga

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