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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bratwurst Soup

Soup is awesome, isn't it? It's like a blank canvas is for a talented artist. Empty pot=unlimited options. You just can't go wrong with soup. Anything goes ~ food and spice combinations are all fair game. With that said, I bring you, from my mom's kitchen, bratwurst soup.

Turkey brats ~ Broiled first, cut up and then added to soup, otherwise it's waaay too greasy.
Broth ~ Your choice...from beef to chicken to vegetable. I don't think it makes much difference. I always get a low-sodium variety.
Potatoes ~ Can also do a half & half with spaghetti or some other noodle, just for kicks.
Peas ~ Frozen veggies get me through many meals during the winter months.
Mrs. Dash original blend

Even if you "don't cook", soup is forgiving. Let your creative juices flow.


M said...

Oh! Only a true Wisconsin girl could come up with this one!

Anonymous said...

It was only a spur-of-the-momment, made-out-of-necessity soup, so I'm honored that it gets its own blog. Glad you enjoyed it.

I may even have added a little cayenne pepper, but don't remember.



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