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Sunday, January 17, 2010

University Training

Once upon a time my husband was a physics professor, which gave me the opportunity to experience two contrasting universities not as a student, but as a "pseudo faculty" member. I have liked the feel of the colleges I've experienced, as both a student and visitor.

During the last two years of my first undergraduate degree, I worked in the admissions office....liked that. Lots of paperwork involved. I also served as a tour guide for families interested in attending my alma mater....tons of fun. There sure are interesting dynamics in groups. Finally, representing the university operations department, I had a wonderful time as an attendant at the information desk. Need help finding a tutor? Allow me to assist. Want to carpool for a trip home? I'll check the ride board for you. Don't have a clue how to cash a check? Oh boy, pity that kid, but nonetheless, let me show you. I answered everything from how long to hard boil an egg to what I thought the next right answer would be on Wheel of Fortune. Important stuff here, as you can tell. But really, I loved it. Information Queen at your service. I often thought I would have made a great private detective. I can find out anything, and I enjoy the challenge. And really, no one would ever take me for P.I.

I have friends who have graduated from Ivy League schools, friends who have gone through state universities, and friends who have received their specialized degrees in community colleges. I like that we all have different interests and abilities. Lately I've wondered what type of higher education specialty training I might be able to offer if I were dean of a college. This is the list I have established.

BLESS U (Religious Studies)
EXCUSE U (Manners/Etiquette)
HAY U (Farming)
KNOT U (Massage Therapy)
FORGET U (Memory Enhancement)
SCREW U (Carpentry)
SEE U (Optometry/Ophthalmology)

The admissions offices are now open.


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