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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tutorial Tutorial

I love blogging. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I am addicted to tutorials, I have come to really appreciate the expert photography skills of some bloggers, I and very much enjoy sharing my own smorgasbord of thoughts & suggestions. Blogging has become the little vacation that I take each day. I am welcomed into others' worlds, peeking into their lives, discovering their interests, meeting their families, examining their homes, and viewing their talents. I simply cannot believe the number of people who take the time (oh, and they DO take a lot of time) to prepare, position and photograph step-by-step instructions on how to make any number of things. When they find the time to share so many creations in such a precise manner, well, I'm clueless on that one. Meanwhile, I'm soaking them all up, appreciative of everyone's patience, dedication and generosity. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

For my love of the tutorial, it is without further adieu that I give you the.....

Tutorial Tutorial

1) Think of something you want to make or do that is so spectacular you can't possibly hoard it just for your own enjoyment.
2) Gather supplies, and hope you have everything you need on hand. Otherwise, scrap your instruction for that day until you can carve out time to go to the store and purchase the missing item(s). Meanwhile, wrack brain trying to think of something else delightful to blog about.
3) Photograph needed items all together after you have cleared off your work space with one large swoop of your arm so that looks like you keep the cleanest house this side of the Pecos.
4) List supplies needed with such detail that even a monkey could assemble them.
5) Photograph, labeling each picture with a description of

WHILE creating the perfect lighting and pretty backdrops for appealing shots.

6) Photograph final product in all its loveliness.
7) Link to every blog you can think of to share it with the world and reap your moment in the spotlight.


1 comment:

Sandra Powell said...

This is hilarious. I feel like I'm doing the linking to everything right now just to get some exposure. It's no fun to blog to yourself. Thanks for your comments.


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