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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blogland Forecast

Good morning everyone! Let's get right to it with our national Blogland forecast for today.

Starting in the midwest, we'll see a bit of scrapbooking, especially in the low-lying areas, along with quilting & sewing in areas to the southwest. Utah is experiencing the brunt of the blogging with strong & incredibly crafty women hailing from this area.

In the east, there's a pattern of high fashion upcycling and restyling, and some strong jewelry-making underway. Knitting & crocheting conditions will continue to rule through the month of March. Also, cupcakes continue to blast through this region with a mix of sprinkles & butter cream frosting. Tracking through the northeast at a strong and fast pace are furniture re-dos and thrifty decorating.

The west coast is impacted with a considerable amount of banners, which we're experiencing in various materials and sizes. Along with this flash of garland comes a mix of ribbon & bows. This return of bows affects not only only hairbands, but little girls' skirts and paper-covered jars. Pom-poms continue to cover the area, coupled with hard-hitting sweater surgeries and burlap transformations.

Down south, we're already seeing signs of garden planning & planting. Folks in this area can also expect a continuation of Cricuit cutting & stamping. High amounts of printables will remain, at least, through the end of this year. Impacting lettering & chipboard usage are cookie sheet charts and calendars, chalk board re-designs, and picture frame make-overs. Meanwhile, heavy downpours of Mod Podge continue to pummel this region.

Throughout the nation, bloggers are covered in fabric flowers and ruffles, along with a serge of hand-stamped silver jewelry. Most areas will also be inundated with felt food, baby leggings, and elaborate birthday party decorations. High pressure tutorials have swept throughout our country causing heavy amounts of laundry pile-ups and, at times, severe blogger envy. Keep a close watch on the giveaways in all areas, as they can create dangerous addiction.

That's it for the Blogland weather for now. Until tomorrow, have a safe and creative today.

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