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Monday, January 11, 2010

Oatmeal Options

My girls and I love oatmeal. It's a fast and simple breakfast for weekday morning crunch time. There are so many flavor combinations that you're bound to come up with your own favorite. Here a few suggestions from my personal "cafe".

I use the old fashioned oats (not the 1-minute variety). I think they have a better texture. See what you think. As of last summer, I was a complete peanut butter hound, only to discover that my love for it was really too much a good thing. I have added other nut butters (another word I like....nut butters. Not as good as "nutmeats", but nonetheless, kind of funny.) to our repertoire. I like to add almond butter to our oatmeal for a filling meal with a good amount of protein to boot. The jar with the red top is ground flax. I add a little to a lot of things we eat. It has a wonderful nutty flavor. However, if you do not currently eat flax, start out slowly. Your gut will thank you. Also, I sometimes add a little powdered milk to my oatmeal combos. It gives it a creamy flavor. Make sure you stir the dry ingredients together before adding the water or the powdered milk will end up in big chunks that no one will want to eat. Often times I add a few raisins to this mix as well, although I didn't picture it here. Finally, might I introduce you to organic cinnamon? I am lucky enough to find it at a decent price in the bulk section of a local grocery store here (I don't typically buy the pre-packaged variety.). You don't have to use organic, but I have discovered that it is a stronger and heartier flavor, and it's so very good for you. I add it to every bowl of cereal or yogurt we eat. To sweeten the oats a little, I add dark brown sugar.

Another favorite of ours is a blueberry and raisin partnership. Mmmmm! The flavors really play off each other. I also use the standard additions of flax, cinnamon and a little powdered milk here as well.

Here are a few more variations not pictured:
Chunks of frozen peaches and maple syrup (instead of brown sugar). This combination is really good with the powdered milk. It tastes like peaches and cream.
Frozen strawberry slices and banana
Apple chunks and Craisins
Peanut butter and dates

So if you're bored with the same old, same old breakfasts turn to Mr. Quaker and let me know what you come up with.

1 comment:

eilismaura said...

Thinking of nut butters - have you had maple cashew????

I could kill for some - and I am nearly out!!!! I found it at the local farmers market.


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