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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day Light Cravings

It took me a loooooong many years to figure out daylight saving time.  Truth be told, I'm only still just wavering on the edge of comprehension.  Daylight Saving.  Saving of the daylight.  Ok.  I mean, I'm all for that.  Let's save it.  In fact, let's save a whole bunch of it.  Let's bottle it up and unleash it's amazing therapeutic benefits in the dead of winter.  Then December, January and February wouldn't seem like the depths of insufferable darkness.  I'm on board with this.

But my confusion comes with the changing of the clocks forward and backward, with more light in the evening and less in the morning and less light at night and more in the morning.  It used to be 6:00 when we got up, now it's 5:00.  It used to be 8:00 when the kids went to bed, but now it's 9:00.  My gosh ~ someone just tell me what time it is already!

And then, there are those little pockets of the U.S. that don't change their clocks.....at all.  I'm so thankful I don't live there.  Talk about anarchy.  And pressure!  Although I could go about my life in comfort that I was living in real time, I'd have the additional pressure of figuring out everyone else's time that isn't real.  Ugh.  Count me out.

I like technological gadgets that change the time for me.  Computers, cell phones, caller id land line phones.  Beauty.  I must.....I mean MUST have all the clocks exactly the same.  So it irks me that I can't be 7 different places in the house at one time to get them all spot on the second it strikes a new minute.  But that's my issue....

Daylight savings.  Really?  Have we really, really actually saved the daylight?  I'm going to go with no.  We just moved the time, people!  Changing the clocks, moving the time.....all that's gotten me is craving sleep!  Did you know that losing that hour of sleep in the spring actually increases the risk for heart attack?  And it also increases the major grumpiness in 2-year olds apparently.

See this face?

That smile has been turned waaaay upside down ever since we messed with the time. She's off her game. Crying, crying more, waking at night (nothing new there, I suppose). But my point is the time change has thrown her for a bit of a loop. It threw off any nap time she was still clinging to, which makes for even MORE crab-crab-crabbiness.  So that makes her craving sleep as well.

But hey, let's get out and enjoy our new-found sunshine. Or do we have to wait an hour before it's out? Who knows.

1 comment:

M said...

Omigosh! She CANNOT be that big! Where have the last 2 and half years gone?!?!


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