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Calling all fall fanatics, adventurous organizers, exercise procrastinators, perfectionists unable to make a move unless they're certain it will turn out with ultimate precision, messy Marvins, and any other category you put yourself in ~ stop by each Wednesday and share what you did that week. Big things, little things, adventurous things, nothin' much things, somethin' special things....doesn't matter.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing: What Did You Do? Wednesdays

Welcome to the official kick-off of What Did You Do? Wednesdays. If you missed it, the inspiration for this began with my desire to take up sewing, which made me realize I was far too often stuck in a holding pattern of wishful perfectionism. I am aware every single day that nothing is perfect and I just hate that!! But I have realized how much that inhibits me from happiness and a sense of peace. My list of goals and desires is outstandingly lengthy, but I found I was sometimes unable to make strides due to my fear that things wouldn't turn out just right.

And so, in the end, I invite you to join me while I take baby steps towards my goals, desires, wants and needs.. Below is an excerpt from my original post to give you an example of how you might want to begin. I can't wait to hear about your own WDYD? Wednesdays!

**You don't need to be a perfectionist or a procrastinator, but I imagine we all have things that we have wanted to finish or start or stop or do. It doesn't have to be a big thing, and as a matter of fact, that's the whole point.....it shouldn't be.

I'm going to choose small things, because I know all those small things add up to big things that suddenly become overwhelming for me. Maybe you'll sweep out your garage, or send that card to a friend you've been meaning to get in the mail. Maybe you'll organize just one stack of papers or sort through one file. If you are a workaholic like I tend to be, maybe you'll choose to NOT do something. What about skipping some work that just isn't crucial to play a board game with your family? Or forgo a fast food meal with something simple the whole family helped prepare at home. Maybe it's just a tiny step towards a larger goal. Could you give up the soda habit you'd like to nix all together for just one day a week?

Whatever it is, I'll look forward to hearing about your choices each Wednesday. It doesn't have do be something that you do that actual day of the week, just fitting in one tiny thing during a 7-day period will be a step towards a satisfaction. I'm beginning to feel triumphant already.

This week I removed all the fall, winter, Christmas and just-too-babyish books from my girls' collection and filed them away in storage (or the garage sale collection) until they're more relevant again. I brought up the spring and Easter books from the basement as well. Hurray for new reading material.


Anonymous said...

Good inspiration to get me moving I made sure I accomplished my goal for my first Wednesday and am pleased. Thanks for the motivation!!!


Kim said...

Well, I work on Wednesdays, and I actually cleaned out my drawer at work. No, I was not fired, it just needed to be decluttered.

Can I tell you what I did on Tuesday? I cleaned out the linen closet, organized our toiletry supplies and put my new, fluffy white towels on their shelves. I also went through the first aid kit and tossed all outdated/expired contents. It is now a closet that even Martha Stewart would be proud of!

M said...

I finishing painting the guest room this afternoon - just a bit of trim left. Then looking forward to putting it back together and decorating!


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