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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WDYD? Wednesday - Needle & Thread

This week I wanted to:

Scour the kitchen's nooks and crannies.
Plan Easter dinner.
Start working on a centerpiece.
Take down a few decorations.
Put up different ones.
Switch the girls closets from winter wear to "not-quite-so winter wearish".

But instead, I pulled out needle and thread. I heard them whimpering, and I listened. "There, there," I reassured. "I will no longer ignore the fallen off buttons on these three articles of clothing that have been waiting for my attention since 2009. I will use you to repair their broken fasteners."  And so they were happy.

"More! More!" They cried. "As you wish," I replied. And off we went, to finish A's skirt that you've been waiting so patiently to see. It had honestly only needed the flowers for completion.

Take time to smell the flowers.   .....or at least just look.

It's not just a skirt, it's a dress on a new "ME turn" model.

 Upon closer inspection, not only were the needle and thread delighted, so was this customer.

I'm really excited that WDYD? Wednesday has inspired others to take part in their own goals, enjoyments, and tasks. I about fell off my chair when I saw this post!!  (I'm listed at #8, by the way.)

Meanwhile, I have some projects to share with you.  Thanks Judy and Pat.  And, yes, we know you're truly hard at work during your 8-5.  ;)

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